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Escape Room Prices

Bookings must be made in advance.

The cost is £17.50 per adult per game, and you must book beforehand. However, there is a minimum of a two-person booking which will cost £40.00 per game. Therefore, for example, a room with 3 adults will cost £52.50, with 4 adults will cost £70.00 etc. For children who under the age of 13 it’s £12.50 and under 3’s are free! (With 2 adults)

Please be aware that any children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

We offer a 10% discount for members of the Emergency Services, British Armed Forces, Teaching Staff & Carers, with the use of the code HELPERS.

Also, we now offer a 10% Discount for students, with the use of the code STUDENT.

Relevant identification must be shown on arrival or the full price will be charged prior to participating in the experience.

6 Amazing Escape Room Missions

Lincoln's #1 Escape Rooms -

Magna Carta

2-5 People 60 minutes 3/5

The Lincoln Cathedral’s Magna Carta is one of only four remaining original examples, sealed by the authority of King John in 1215. It was being held at the Castle…. until rece... -Read More

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Victorian Inquisition

2-5 People 60 minutes 4/5

Mary Lefley, of Wrangle in Lincolnshire, is a 49-year-old woman, who lived with her husband William, in a freehold cottage. That was until William was murdered, poison, and Mary ... -Read More

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2-5 People 60 minutes 4/5

Luther has a unique hobby, it seems he is fascinated with planes, warplanes to be specific, and we’ve heard he is quite the collector. He has broken his way into the Mayor’s o... -Read More

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2-6 People 60 minutes 4/5

In the spring of 1349, the Black Death Plague came to the city of Lincoln, this Plague killed an estimated 200 million people across Europe and around 50% of the population of Lin... -Read More

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Mad Money

2-6 People 60 minutes 4/5

For generations now Mad Dog Industries has been making a living following in Robin Hood’s footsteps by stealing from the rich. This notorious criminal group wants to go bigger ... -Read More

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2-6 People 60 minutes 5/5

Mr Blofielt has been hiding a secret. A dark secret. His son is, the lord of darkness and hell! Using his devilish powers, Luther has trapped a certain angel inside a mausoleum. ... -Read More

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